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CAA suspends employee who threatened Christian security officer with blasphemy allegations

Courtesy: Dawn News
Video: ARY News/YouTube

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Saturday suspended an employee who threatened a female Christian security officer with blasphemy charges over a parking dispute in Karachi.

According to footage of the incident at Jinnah International Airport’s cargo area, the row occurred over the female security officer reprimanding a man for allowing an acquaintance’s vehicle through security without a vehicle pass.

The man allegedly threatens the female officer with blasphemy accusations, saying he will “call preachers … I am mad and will cut [you] up”. The female officer can be heard calling the man out for threatening her with blasphemy allegations and daring him to register a blasphemy case against her.

Sanam Jamali@sana_J2
اگر تم نے میری گاڑی نہیں جانے دی تو میں تم پر توہینِ رسالت کا الزام لگادوں گا، ابھی مولویوں کو لاتا ہوں، خود ہی تم کو کاٹ کر پھینک دیں گے۔ کراچی ایئرپورٹ آئی سی جی ویئرہاؤس پر ایک شخص کی کرسچین خاتون سیکورٹی انچارج کو دھمکی

Footage of the incident quickly circulated on social media, inviting criticism and condemnation.

Responding to the incident, a statement issued today by the CAA spokesperson said the row occurred on Thursday and officials were aware of the matter.

The statement said that as per the initial investigation, the CAA employee S* was suspended from service and a detailed investigation was ordered.

Former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari took notice of the incident and urged the federal and provincial authorities to provide security to the female officer.

“It was shameful that the woman security in-charge was threatened with a blasphemy case when she performed her duty,” he said, demanding an inquiry into the incident.

“Accusation of blasphemy is a very dangerous act,” Zardari said, adding that certain elements wanted to defame Pakistan under the pretext of religion.

“The government and the people must discourage such thinking.

“If the accusation against the female security officer is proved false, the accuser should be severely punished,” the PPP leader demanded.

سابق صدر آصف علی کا کراچی ایئرپورٹ پر ہونے والے واقعہ کا سخت نوٹس خاتون سیکیورٹی انچارج کو فرائض کی ادائیگی سے روکنے کیلئے ان پر توہین مذہب کا الزام شرمناک ہے، آصف علی زرداری خاتون سیکیورٹی انچارج پر توہین مذہب کے الزام کی تحقیقات کرائی جائیں، آصف علی زرداری @AAliZardari
توہین مذہب کا الزام انتہائی خطرناک عمل ہے ،آصف علی زرداری خاتون سیکیورٹی آفیسر کی حفاظت کے لیے اقدامات اٹھائے جائیں، آصف علی زرداری کی وفاقی اور صوبائی حکومت کو ہدایت کچھ عناصر مذہب کی آڑ میں پاکستان کو بدنام کرنا چاہتے ہیں، آصف علی زرداری
Former senator Farhatullah Babar called on the authorities to take notice of the incident and lauded the female security officer’s handling of the situation.
Farhatullah Babar@FarhatullahB
Salute to this courageous Christian female official, refusing to be deterred by false accusations of blasphemy. That’s the way to fight out the bigoted. Authorities take notice. Implement the 2018 report of the Senate human rights committee on blasphemy.
Mona Farooq Ahmad@MonaChaudhryy
“If you don’t let my car go, I will accuse you of blasphemy, will call mullahs & we will cut you into pieces.” A person threatened a Christian woman security incharge of Karachi Airport ICG warehouse. Blasphemy laws are inflicted on us like a curse.

Meanwhile, human rights activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir said the accuser should be apprehended and prosecuted for “making such threats to a government officer” and rued the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)’s honour being reduced to a “tool to be used for convenience”.

M. Jibran Nasir @MJibranNasir
Even for making such threats to a Govt officer the accused should be apprehended & prosecuted. These so called followers of Prophet SAW have reduced his honor to a tool to be used for convenience. May wrath of Allah be upon all those who use Prophet’s honor to blackmail innocents.

Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi condemned the incident, saying that “there can’t be a bigger form of terrorism than a person using religion and the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) name for his own ulterior motives”.

In a video message on Sunday, Ashrafi urged the Sindh government to register an FIR (first information report) against the CAA employee on behalf of the state and dispense exemplary punishment.

“If you don’t let my car go, I will accuse you of blasphemy, will call mullahs & we will cut you into pieces.” A person threatened a Christian woman security incharge of Karachi Airport ICG warehouse. Blasphemy laws are inflicted on us like a curse.

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