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Exploring Dubai’s winter culinary scene: From coffee culture to barbecue bliss

Courtesy: Dawn News/Images

ubai, the glittering jewel of the United Arab Emirates, is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene that tantalises the taste buds of both locals and tourists. But it is even more mesmerising in the cooler winter months. Explore some of the best and cosiest outdoor dining experiences in Dubai, ranging from beachfront bistros to cosy cafes and beyond, where the cool winter air adds a delightful charm to every dining experience. Whether dining under the stars, enjoying the warmth of a beachfront bonfire, or sipping coffee at charming outdoor cafes, Dubai’s winter season adds an extra layer of enchantment to every experience.

Beachfront Bliss Pierchic - Jumeirah Al Qasr
Pierchic – Jumeriah Al Qasr

Dubai’s pristine beaches create an idyllic setting for unforgettable dining experiences, especially during the winter season. Whether planning a romantic evening or a casual meal with friends, beachfront restaurants in Dubai offer something for everyone. For instance, Pierchic provides diners with a surreal experience that blends the tranquility of the sea with gourmet seafood extravagance. While savouring the sumptuous dishes made from the freshest catch of the day, one can gaze over the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf. Those who revel in the sun and sea can enjoy dining experiences along the coastline of Palm West Beach, situated along the Palm Jumeirah Island. Enjoy leisurely beachfront breakfasts at shoreside restaurants, including KoKo Bay, Surf Club, and Orange Chameleon. At Pointe, relish the choice of over 50 restaurants, featuring establishments such as Meshico or Al Safadi, along with premium coffee spots like %Arabica.

Brunch Paradise Alici – Bluewaters Island
Alici – Bluewaters Islands

Alici on Bluewaters Dubai offers delicious seafood with scenic vistas overlooking JBR, creating an ideal setting for a leisurely winter afternoon, soaking up the radiant Dubai sunshine. Recognised as one of Dubai’s liveliest brunch experiences, the Mediterranean-themed extravaganza at Bar Du Port is a must-attend. Situated at Dubai Harbour’s waterfront development, this place presents four hours of boundless cuisine and endless beverages. Embark on an Italian escapade featuring a five-course seated brunch experience at Fi’lia, located on the 70th floor of the SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences. Indulge in the opportunity to savor plates of authentic Italian home-style cuisine amidst this exquisite setting.

Coffee Culture Under the Sun The Arabian Tea House – AlFahidi
The Arabian Tea House – AlFahidi

Dubai’s coffee culture is thriving, with an increasing number of cafés offering outdoor seating that allows one to soak up the sun while enjoying their favorite brews. The coffee shops often take the art of coffee to the next level with intricate latte art and creative coffee presentations. The aesthetics of the coffee cup are just as important as the flavors, making every sip a visual and gustatory delight. The Arabian Tea House is renowned for its stylish outdoor areas, and all three of their Dubai locations, adorned with their signature turquoise and white decor, offer top-notch Arabic coffee (gahwa) and dish up authentic local cuisine that’s delectable.

For a more holistic experience, head over to Kulture House, a three-in-one coffee shop, art gallery and store to indulge in diverse culinary delights. There is also the SEVA, a plant-based café where the cuisine offered is free of gluten, sugar, dairy, and artificial components, yet maintains an exceptional taste without compromise.

Fine Dining with a View Tamoka – The Ritz Carlton
Tamoka – The Ritz Carlton

Dubai’s skyline is nothing short of spectacular, and there are numerous outdoor fine dining options with breathtaking vistas to enjoy the crisp cool breeze. At the Michelin-starred, Armani/Ristorante at Armani Hotel, indulge in genuine Italian cuisine while enjoying the captivating spectacle of the Dubai Fountain coming alive.

Tamoka at Ritz-Carlton Dubai also offers stunning vistas, dynamic cuisine, and a relaxed island atmosphere influenced by Latin American and Caribbean coastal vibes. Akira Back by renowned chef Akira Back, hailing from Las Vegas, is also a favorite among Dubai’s culinary enthusiasts. Located at The Palm Jumeirah, it offers breathtaking views of Dubai Marina from its expansive terrace. It is the perfect place to indulge in delectable Japanese specialties such as tuna pizza, and vegan options. Enjoy a fusion of fresh flavors under the sun or moonlight, complemented by a refreshing sea breeze.

Hot Pot Haven Kimura- Ya – Downtown Dubai
Kimura – Ya – Downtown Dubai

Dubai’s culinary landscape is also enriched by the influence of international cuisines, and hot pot is a favorite among residents and visitors alike, making for a perfect choice for winters. The cool weather adds to the delight, ensuring a stunning setting to indulge in this interactive and communal dining style.

Hailing from the province of Sichuan, award-winning Chinese hotpot restaurant Haidilao has made a global impact with its outstanding dishes and service. Its flagship restaurant in Dubai is located at the Dubai Mall Chinatown. You’re sure to feel transported to the Far East on a visit, thanks to the surrounding Asian decor which perfectly complements the authentic meal offerings. Seven Hotpot, located in Dubai Marina, is a hearty hot pot choice for food enthusiasts who want to revel in flavorful broths, abundant seafood and meat options, and delightful fresh, stringy noodles. Kimura-Ya specializes in Japanese hotpot, and is a popular hot pot choice with multiple branches across the city.

Barbecue Extravaganza

Dubai’s barbecue scene is not to be missed, especially during the winter season. There’s no shortage of open-air venues that allow tourists to relish the flavors of succulent grilled meats and aromatic marinades. The Pit – House of Barbeque brings authentic flavors of classic American barbecue to Dubai with a variety of smoked meats. Delight in Southern American cuisine at the waterside destination, Pavilion at The Beach’s crab-shack, CLAW BBQ where one can experience an impressive array of meats on the grill menu, all prepared using the UAE’s pioneering genuine BBQ wood-chip smoker.

There is the picturesque corniche, Mamzar Beach Park that offers visitors over 200 acres of tree-lined landscapes. During the winter season, one can relish the cool, comfortable weather and enjoy one of the 30 public barbecue spots, each offering fabulous views and plenty of fun. CLAW BBQ – Pavilion at The Beach, JBR CLAW BBQ – Pavilion at The Beach. JBR

In Dubai, outdoor dining is more than just a meal; it’s a sensory experience that immerses one in the city’s unique blend of luxury and culture. And exploring during the winter season will leave tourists with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for this dynamic and cosmopolitan city, where the warmth of the cuisine and the coolness of the season come together in perfect harmony.

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