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How To Prevent Your Lipstick From Smudging

Make your lipstick last
You left the house feeling (and looking) like you’re on top of the world; lipstick always seems to have that effect. That is, until you find it smeared across your face before you even finish your morning cup of coffee. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Follow these smudge-stopping tips and you can rock your favorite lipstick—all day long.

Use a gentle exfoliant, or even your toothbrush, to create a smooth surface.

Prep with primer
Apply a thin layer of primer. (The one you use on your face will do the trick.) It’ll remove moisture and flatten fine lines so that your lips are even and ready for application.

Line your lips
Fill in your lips with liner, using the side of the liner and the same shade as your lipstick. This layer will be your backup if the lipstick begins to fade. (If your lipstick color is very dark, go a shade lighter.) Note: The point isn’t to create a distinct line, but to fill in your lips evenly.

Multiple coats
Multiple thin coats will last longer than one heavy coat—and they’re less likely to clump and flake. Apply one coat, and then blot lightly with a tissue. Apply another coat, and blot again.

Tip: Blot lightly, focusing on the center of the lips, not the outside. Color lasts longer there anyway, so zoning in on the center will ensure that the color stays even overtime.

Set it
Using a large makeup brush, lightly dust a thin layer of powder over your lips.


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