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Pneumonia? Supercharge your recovery with these simple, cheap foods

Courtesy: Geo News

While no home pneumonia treatment exists, adopting a prescribed diet post-critical phase can expedite recovery

Pneumonia, a lung infection characterised by inflammation of air sacs, can range from severe to fatal, marked by symptoms such as chills, chest pain, breathing difficulties, and coughing.

Timely consultation with a pulmonologist or lung expert is crucial, especially when severe symptoms like difficulty breathing arise. While there is no home treatment for pneumonia, adhering to a prescribed diet post its critical phase can potentially expedite recovery.


Oranges, abundant in vitamin C, serve as powerful antioxidants and contribute to strengthening the immune system, playing a preventive role against pneumonia. It’s advisable to exercise caution with highly sour oranges during a sore throat. Alternatives like lemon, berries, and kiwi also offer a rich supply of vitamin C, promoting a well-rounded diet.

Whole grains

Whole grains, including barley, oats, and brown rice, with their high carbohydrate content, supply the necessary energy for recovery. Additionally, the selenium content in whole grains contributes to immune system fortification. These grains also contain vitamin B, which aids in temperature regulation, contributing to overall well-being during recovery.

Warm water, drinks

Incorporating warm liquids like turmeric water and mulethi tea in modest, frequent amounts is recommended. Sipping hot liquids instead of consuming large quantities at once provides a soothing effect and may be more comfortable for patients. Honey, with its ancient therapeutic uses, proves beneficial for alleviating cold, cough, and sore throat symptoms associated with pneumonia. Whether consumed raw or slightly heated, sweetening lemonade with honey enhances its therapeutic properties.


Ginger, renowned for its versatility in treating respiratory conditions, emerges as a valuable aid for pneumonia patients. Its anti-inflammatory qualities not only relieve pain but also combat infections contributing to pneumonia. Moreover, ginger facilitates breathing by clearing bronchial ducts of mucus.

Strategic incorporation of these foods into a prescribed post-critical phase diet holds the potential to contribute significantly to a speedier recovery from pneumonia.

1- Header image: Foods to be consumed during pneumonia for speedy recovery.—TOI

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