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Preventing Premature Aging

Those who work in the field of anti-aging say that it is never too early to begin preventing the signs of aging in the skin. Anti-aging refers to the methods and efforts that have been developed in an effort to slow the aging process. The field of anti-aging has experienced large growth just in the past two decades and the advances made have been numerous, giving consumers a wealth of information and options to consider in their pursuit of younger and more vital looking skin.

The factors that contribute to aging are generally sorted into two groups -internal such as nutrition, sleep debt, disease, etc., and external – pollution, free radicals, sun exposure and cigarette smoke. The good news is that, other than having to deal in some part with the sun and pollution, you have complete control over all of the factors that have the potential to cause premature aging.

A common misconception is that the aging of our skin is an inevitable occurrence that progresses chronologically. However, the fact is that the aging of our skin is a result of what we do to it, what we put in our bodies, and how well we protect it rather than how old or young we are.

How You Can Prevent the Signs of Aging

Good general health is the most important contributor to younger and more vital skin. Good general health, however, consists of several different things such as getting a plentiful amount of sleep, implementing a stress management program in your life, making time for exercise, practicing proper nutrition, consuming an adequate supply of water, protecting yourself form disease, keeping up to date with annual physicals, and avoiding such things as excessive alcohol consumption and fatty foods.

The most important changes you can make in your life in an effort to prevent premature aging include protecting yourself from the ultra-violet rays of the sun by making sure you use a product with sunscreen in it before leaving the house every time, avoiding prolonged sun exposure, and making sure you are adequately covered in clothing; avoiding cigarette smoke at all costs – that means if you smoke, find a way to quit, and if you don`t, refuse to be around second-hand smoke; consume a well-balanced and healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, high-fiber, and of course. lots of water.

Protecting our skin from the damaging effects of the sun is the surest way to prevent premature aging symptoms such as brown spots, discoloration, and wrinkles, and lowers our risk of skin cancer. Avoiding cigarette smoke reduces our exposure to the free radicals that cause fine lines and wrinkles while lowering our risk of disease as well. And last but not least, eating a well-balanced diet gives our bodies the essential nutrients, vitamins, and anti-oxidants that enable skin to repair, rejuvenate, maintain elasticity, and prevent dehydration.

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