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Teen & Tween Fashions, Trends & Styles

Teenagers often use hairstyles, jewelry, and trendy clothing to set themselves apart from the crowd — and at the same time, fit in. In a teen’s world, fashion plays an important part in self-esteem and identity.

Styles are always changing and as teens grow, they find out just how far they are willing to go to make their mark on the world. Some hairstyles and clothing trends that were once considered taboo are now more widely accepted as teens discover who they are and what they want to represent. If you’re a teen, you can discover what’s popular in teen fashions and accessories for the new fall and winter season right here!

Fashion Trends for Teens in 2009, 2010
This fall and winter, we’ll some exciting new styles for the 2009 – 2010 season. With teens, big and bold is loud and clear. From clothing to jewelry, nothing is subtle. Styles are a bit self-indulgent with wild animal prints, comfy sweaters, boot-cut jeans. Why boot cut and not skinny jeans? Because it’s all about boots this winter and if you don’t have a pair, start looking.

Casual styles include faded fabrics that have a distinctive, vintage look. If that’s not enough, patches or strategically placed holes make denim look worn out like your favorite pair of jeans that you just can’t give up. There’s no set trend for waistlines, so pick what’s comfortable and what looks best on you.

Prints are where it’s at, whether it’s shirts, dresses, or accessories. Interesting patterns are geometrical and typography that add flair to otherwise simple styles. Dress it up or dress it down with your favorite pair of shoes. Don’t be reluctant to pair boots with a dress. You’ll get instant casual to an otherwise too dressed-up look.

If celebrities are any indication, off-the-shoulder designs are back in a big way. You can bare one shoulder or bare both depending on your comfort level. Add some shimmer powder to your shoulders to glam things up for a fun evening out. Remember though, if your budget is tight, never buy a trendy piece of clothing just because it’s a trend. Stick to garments that can be worn year after year and still retain their appeal. Or, pick a trend that you must have and mix it with trusted classic designs.

Accessories and Jewelry
Accessories are a big part of fashion trends for teens. If you’re on a limited budget, shop for basic gold and silver jewelry that will go with just about anything. Silver is still stylish but gold is gaining in popularity quickly. A transitional silver and gold combo piece looks classy with just about anything.

Jeweled pins, earrings and oversized beaded necklaces add some color to your wardrobe and birthstones add individuality. Monogram necklaces and earrings in plain silver are great for casual while jewel-studded monograms make the perfect accessories for a dressed-up look. Dark, symbolic jewelry adds more gothic to a primarily black outfit. Oh, and cuff bracelets. ‘Nuff said.

Wide, studded belts worn with jeans makes a fashion statement and will complete any style. The models aren’t wearing just leather accessories. Cloth, chains and silk scarves make excellent belts and add some pizzazz. Many jeans and skirts often come with belts, so mix it up a bit for versatility.

Designer handbags come in wild patterns with lots of bling that grab attention. Faux zebra, giraffe, and leopard are all the rave for prints whilst traditional monogram purses are suitable for church, a wedding, or just for everyday.

Besides boots, Junior’s shoes include glitz and glitter. Rich textures like denim, metallic fabrics, sequins and beads — a little bit of every everything to keep teenagers happy.

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