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What is No 1 thing Donald Trump will do if he becomes president?

Courtesy: Geo News/Reuters

Republican candidate Donald Trump has revealed his “first” and “number 1” decision as US president if he won the November election and it is not about bringing prices of commodities down.

Donald Trump is all set to face President Joe Biden for their reelection bid amid legal troubles and disparity in campaign money.

Trump has been critical of the 81-year-old Biden’s policies on immigration and has been accusing him of blocking his way to the White by using the Justice Department.

While speaking with the New York Post, the 77-year-old businessman said: “Day 1, my Act 1 will be to close that border.”

The former president said: “I know exactly what to do. I’ll tell you the very first thing I’m definitely going to do. It’s No. 1 on my mind. And that’s immediately, instantly, I’m back in the White House. No waiting. My prime thing, my absolute first directive will be to help the American people.”

“That’s what I care about,” he said.

The Republican also said that his next measure would be to “get the prices down.”

The four-time indicted has been very vocal about closing the border and halting the influx of people.

In March, Trump claimed that foreign leaders are sending the “criminals” to the US, calling the immigrants “animals”, in a rally near Dayton, Ohio.

The former president also reiterated how immigrants are behind the surge in crime, but the stats by the journal Criminology, revealed how undocumented immigrants are generally linked with a decrease in criminal activity, reported Huff Post.

He also told Fox News last month: “Everything I’ve said has been right… We have millions of people coming into our country that shouldn’t be here.”

1- Header image: Former president Donald Trump reveals his first move as President of the US. — Reuters

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