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Women’s Fashion Tips

Sharpen your fashion skills with these practical tips to flatter your figure and make your clothes work for you. The styles you choose will affect your appearance and how you’re perceived.

Every woman has flaws. These ideas are for those that accept them, but wish to minimize them. Don’t forget, stand up straight, have good posture and carry yourself with grace. Not only will you appear taller, you will radiate self confidence and allure.

Know your body and what looks good. You are logically attracted to clothes, styles and colors that flatter your figure. Use past experience to your advantage and trust your intuition, sometimes fashion and beauty etiquette comes naturally. Feel free to experiment!

Beware of those “skinny” mirrors in department stores that are misleading. If a style didn’t look good on you in the past, it won’t now — unless you’ve made some significant changes.

This style guide is for general fashion tips and advice. Check out the current fashion trends to get the latest tips and tricks for the newest styles.


Style Guide
Have plenty of neutrals on hand to mix and match.
Open collar shirts and scoop necks will lengthen a short neck. Add a long necklace.
Tailored clothes flatter most figures.
Buy similar styles of the clothes you already own that you think flatter your figure.
Always carry a safety pin in your purse for emergencies.
Shoulder pads will help you balance large breasts and wide hips, but keep them slim.
For a quick fix, if your slacks or slip is too long, roll it up at the waist.
Break in your shoes before wearing for an entire day or special occasion.
Use dryer sheets or fabric spray to reduce static cling.
If you’re losing or gaining weight, go to your local thrift store and get some in-between sizes that fit.
Make sure your pantyhose fit correctly. Tugging on them in public is a no-no.
Don’t be afraid to try anything new.
Always clean your clothing before you store it.
Apply your perfume before dressing to prevent staining your clothing.
If a department store doesn’t have your size, ask. Many stores are set up to call their other stores to locate and ship the desired size directly to you.
Don’t bare all. Leave some mystery to your look.
Fix sticky zippers by rubbing them with some wax or a bar of soap.
Secure your buttons by dabbing the backs of them with fingernail polish or clear glue. This prevents the stitching from coming loose.
If you’re concerned about clingy clothing, don’t buy anything with more than 5% Lycra.
Leather has a tendency to stretch, so buy your pants one size smaller.
Don’t fret if you see an outfit in a magazine that is too pricey for your budget. You can probably put together the same outfit at stores such as the Gap and Old Navy, at a fraction of the price. Just cut out the picture and take it shopping with y

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