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Dowry Is A Curse – Say No To Dowry

Sehrish Khan
Areeba Khan
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Pervez Saleem

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جہیز ایک لعنت ہے
दहेज एक अभिशाप है 

Dowry: A Jahez is a social stigma. In spite of modernization and the increasing role of women in all walks of life, the practice of the dowry in India is becoming widespread, and the value of dowry is increasing. Now the dowry has become a great criterion in the marriages instead of a proper bride. If a bride’s family fails to pay the amount of dowry demanded by the prospective groom’s family, the bride will be cruelly treated by the in-laws, and in many cases will be burnt to death.

“No dowry, no marriage,” is a widespread fear in present day society. There has also been an emergence of a feudal mindset with a materialistic attitude in a new globalized economy. The price tag for the groom is now bigger and bolder. The emergence of an affluent middle class, the torchbearer of social change in modern India, is the main factor for the perpetuation of the dowry system.

Dowry system is a main problem in our society and it has disturbed and made disgrace to our society. Dowry system is the main culture system where parents of the bride give lumps of money, expensive gifts and jewellery to the bridegroom. The dowry has been done by many ordinary families in our society. The dowry is event is where there is a huge requirement the bridegroom get millions of rupees as a dowry from the bride’s family depending upon the qualifications and education the bridegroom we may believe that the person dealing with dowry is a bad person. So we should not ask for dowry. But still happens all over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and other South East Asian Countries. The bridegroom should not have any intention that he should take the dowry from the bride as this is a very negative side. Dowry is mainly to promise to give the money to her husband. The treatment of the husband his wife is very bad. Parent cannot give enough dowries to wife husband as much he needs. But the husband should not ask dowry to spoil the girl’s life. So the reason for spoiling the girl life should not be dowry .The gift which is given to the girl from her parents it just for their happiness. They should not force the girl to marry. The girl need support from her parents to live peacefully with her husband. So there should strict rules and regulations for against the dowry and serious action should be taken against the family who is doing…First slide

Dowry an Evil for Society:

Earlier presents were given to the bride as well bridegroom out of love. It was given voluntarily and there was no compulsion exercised. It was also given to assist the newly-wedded couple to set up and establishment of their own without much difficulty and to provide financial security in the adverse circumstances. But with the passage of time, these customs instead of proving help to the couple has virtually corrupted the institution of marriage itself. Now it has taken the frightening name of dowry and bridegrooms engage in unfair means such as force and coercion for obtaining the dowry. Even education has failed to suppress and curb this social evil of dowry; rather it has increased its practice. The modern educated classes are demanding such a heavy dowry that it has become impossible for parents to give their daughters in marriage. They want to recover every penny spent on their…

Apart from that, young women are also mistreated due to dowry. Dowry plays a major role in the wedding. Dowry is a traditional practice where the father of the bride gives a part of his properties to his daughter and son in law as the gift of the wedding. This practice turn to be a cruel action because if the bride’s family fail to give the dowry that demand by the bridegroom’s family, then the wedding will be cancel off. In some cases brides are tortured by their husband and in- laws after the marriage because the bride’s families failed to prepare the dowry that demanded by them.

Dowry; a curse for women
Dowry is not only a curse; it is actually the mother of all evils in society.

Dowry/Jahez a dreadful and unethical practice. Nowadays dowry has become a part of wedding ceremonies. If we say that this is common thing among the illiterate or uneducated people, we will be wrong because educated people are also involved in this evil. Dowry is a social evil which affected our society very badly. It is the cause of our social and economic deterioration. The custom of dowry is the route of many evils. There is no religious concern with this practice, but majority of the people happily adopt it. The elite class to some extent is responsible for this tradition because, they give luxuries to their daughter that a poor man cannot afford. On the other hand, lower class of society has not enough to give dowry to their daughters. So, many of them take huge debts because of dowry. They spend the rest of their lives to pay their debts. Others do not hesitate to earn money by unfair means to meet the demand of dowry.

Although in reality it is a gift of money or property made by the husband to the wife which becomes her absolute property, in our society the dowry system is not only mandated for girls but also for boys. Today we fix dowry rates for boys of different categories doctors, engineers, lecturers, business men, etc. Merit of the girl is of no value. Parents find it difficult to select a boy, well-settled in life. On the other hand, the boy accepts that girl who belongs to a well-off family, highly educated in service and earns. He also wants a girl whose parents can give hefty dowry at the time of marriage. Pakistan has a mass of social problems to tackle today yet the biggest that the country is facing is dowry. This is one of the reasons the birth of a daughter in Pakistan is regarded as a burden.

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